From San Francisco Peace Treaty to Taiwan Civil Government by Jeff Geer 中譯文:從〈舊金山和約〉到「台灣平民政府」 ●Jeff Geer / 謝鎮寬譯 From San Francisco Peace Treaty to Taiwan Civil Government by Jeff Geer First, Congress will have to authorize an organic act for TCG. Then TCG would form its own "Taiwan Constitution" within the broad statutory guidelines of the TCG Organic Act. There is most likely a "U.S. High Commissioner" and a locally elected "Taiwan President" of TCG. The TCG Congress would be locally elected, but TCG Courts wo 部落格uld be a judicial branch of combined US and Taiwan judges. TCG's "international business courts" might have US-trained judges fluent in English, while Taiwan judges might dominate local courts in Taiwanese. The TCG Supreme Court would most likely have right of appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court, much like the Philippines until 1946. The American Bill of Rights would become applicable to Taiwan nationals under TCG. No more five Yuan branches of ROC. The TCG Congress mig 永慶房屋ht be bicameral plus an American-style executive branch. Or it is possible to pursue a unicameral parliament with European prime ministers composed of its legislature for executive functions. The TCG Congress should be able to independently ratify any US signed treaty under the American doctrine of "treaty-making power”. Under this, TCG is a legal creature of administrative authority under SFPT, and much like any British legislative colony, TCG would be able to join and ratify int 土地買賣ernational treaties signed by the USA. This is major legal legal distinction from any other past and present dependent territories of the U.S., and this treaty power is legally compatible with WTO independent separate customs territory. It is crucial not to degrade those current treaty powers of an exiled government and TCG would actually open the door for more access in the international community. TCG would mark an official end of the legal relics of the martial law era, because the ROC gov't-in-e 租屋xile on Taiwan and USMG-Taiwan would be legally terminated by TCG. The interim and provisional nature of civil administration by TCG would not terminate the Taiwan Question under SFPT. TCG would be civil administration by civilian government and not military by legal nature. It would guarantee self-determination by Taiwan nationals before any final treaty status under the Shanghai Communiques and Taiwan Relations Act. ROC conscription would cease because it is illegal. However, territorial self-defense is still authorized under 燒烤 the UN Charter for non-selfgoverning territories. TCG's Taiwanese-elected politicians would probably decommission the current armed forces and introduce American bases back into Taiwan. This would end the arms race with China and any corruption with the French suppliers. Taiwan aboriginals would be able to assert federal reservations on Taiwan cession, much like Indian Country in America. This would be highly autonomous like tribal governments, and they would have tribal courts, too. Aboriginal casinos could fleece the PRC tourists in exchange f 情趣用品or the last 65 years of Chinese rule. Macau triads would not function well in the TCG court system because of RICO prosecutions by aggressive criminal investigations of FBI agents on Taiwan. ?????????平和?約??台?民政府??道程 ●翻?者: 陳辰光 先?、米????台?民政府?一??基本法案?授???????。台?民政府???台?基本法?大綱?基??、台?自己?「台?憲法」?制定??。 新 ??台???一人?「米???????」?派遣??、台?現地?民主的?選出???「台??統」??出???。 台?民政府???議員?現地?選出?? ?。但?、台?民政府?法廷?米??台??判事?混合組織??司法部門???。台?民政府?「?際商業法廷」?米??訓練??、英語?堪能?判事? 九份民宿主催 ?、台??判事?台?語?地方法廷?司?。台?民政府?最高裁判所?米?最高裁?上訴???利?持?、???1946年????????類似??。米??人?法案?台?民政府下?台??民?適????。中華民??五院体制?破棄消滅???。  台?民政府?????院制度?米?式?行政部門?加??形式?可能?、一院制度??????式??理制?、行政?能?持?立法機??可能?有?得?。 台 ?民政府????、米??「?約締結??力」理論?基??、米??署名締結???約?自主的採決?出??。台?民政府??????????平和?約?行政 授?下?合法機構???。????、英?殖民地?立法機??如?、台?民政府?米??署名?締結???際?約??与、採決???。???如何??過去?現 在?米??地?比?、最?主要?法律??別???。此??約?力?、法律的??世界貿易組織?WTO G2000???分離?域?同等???。???問題?????? ??。亡命政府現有??約?力?格下?????、台?民政府??質的?、國際社???多??扉?開??事???。台?民政府?戒?令時代?遺跡?正式?終 結??????記?;因??、台??中華民?亡命政府?台?????米?軍事政府??者?、台?民政府?誕生?法???終止??。?????????平和 ?約?基??、台?民政府?暫時的、過度期的?民政管理任務?、台?問題?最終的?解決?????。 台?民政府?民事行政?、法的???????????????軍事政?????。???如何??最終?約?台??地位?取?決??前?、上海???????、台??係法???、自決?台??民??、台??民????行???。 中 華民???兵制度????終止???、元?台????兵制度?非法???。然??、?連?憲章????、非自治領?領土自衛?、?連?授????。此?意 味?台?民政府??民選???政治要 面膜職?者?、目前?軍隊?解散???????。米??基地?台?????????、台??中??軍備競??止?、武器購 買?絡?、????中間業者??職醜聞??終止符?打??。 台?原住民?米???????保留地?現行法令?因?、台???割????、連邦保留地?持?、高度?自治、即、部落政府、部落法廷、???原住民????中??博徒旅客?招?、過去65年?中?統治?見返??????。???????暗?社??台???通用???。台?民政府?法廷?充分??????。無論???、此?後?盾?、國際犯罪組織?充分?抗???米??連邦特務組織?台???24時間体制?機能????。   .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! 開幕活動  .
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